Launched by the house of Kapoor, the new luxury brand in natural perfumes is a challenging opponent in nature inspired scents. Created using natural plant-based alcohol, Lucky Elixir scents are a reminiscent of harmony within man & nature. 

With more than +18% perfume oil in every blend (Amount preferred by real perfumers), Lucky Elixir scents tend to stay on for quite a long time. Making them a timeless luxury.

"Our Natural Blends evoke a sense of self content and inspire us to live a life of harmony with the nature around us..."


The Beginning #LuckyElixirYear #1

2019 Marks the Official Year of Lucky Elixir’s launch across the world with just 5 scents: "Good Vibes",

"Heart of Jewels", "Paradise", "Velvet Cherry" & Midnight Gardenia.

Lucky Elixir will continue to create Supreme Natural scents that embody harmony & self-content between man & nature.

"As the Brand evolves, our vision will remain consistent. Every scent created will inspire us to be self-content and harmonious to the world around us."


Lucky Elixir